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CAUTION: vulgar words coming your way…my apologies…but I just can’t help it…tao lang ako… tapakan ako… lalo na ang palimya at daang-daang pamilyang damay…IBANG USAPAN NA YAN!

Ok… people specially those from the freakin’ government have a thing for the obvious… but don’t do anything bout it. and IF they do decide to act, they opt for the dark side…or lemme say who ever party bids the highest for their INTERGRITY, PERSONALITY, MORALITY, (oo nga naman, why would they settle for thank you, gratitude, and clean conscience… if they can get more out of being practical with the reason of “kasi-po-iniisip-ko-lang-ang-aking-pamilya-kaya-ko-tinanggap-ang-perang-inalok-sa-akin” at least nga naman, they would look good kasi they were just thinking about THEIR family… eh naisip ba nila…pano ang justice? How about the families that are living around the villa? E How about just plain doing your f*cking jobs? NANDYAN KAYO TO HELP PEOPLE…not to deprive them from their rights!... geez man! You freakin’ know who d f*ck you are! MAGKANO BA BINAYAD SAYO at you are dropping the case??? Huh??? Isn’t it obvious that what you’re trying to do is INJUSTICE? C’mmon man… imbecile shit! Good for nothing son of a b*tch! Sige…what goes around come around! tignan nlang natin where ka pupulutin! Have you ever heard of KARMA? Are you deaf or just plain stupid? It’s LOUD (AWFULLY LOUD!) and clear (crystal clear!) that the establishment you’re protecting IS a PAIN in our ears?! Kapal mong humarap at tumungtong sa pamamahay namin! If I were you…I’d check my GMRC. Go back to basics… do some research (and phu-leeease… DON’T BE BIAS… and don’t get ruled by money… it won’t do any good for your application form for heaven) don’t bother to show your aZ here!

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