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As I take the moment to unpack the year that was, I find these precious souvenirs:

1. Things I tasted, looked at, smelled, heard, and touched:
carbonara made by Yvonne et al. AND the backed MAC me and paula made…(the one that got spilled over the door of the oven…but still the gang ate it! …hehehe now guys, you know…we’re sooo sorry!...sayang eh…pero delish right?),looked at the cute babies at the malnutrition ward over at ust…a bittersweet moment, sent of moonflower and papaya oil mist by body shop, music of mymp/spongecola/switchfoot/kitchie nadal/chicosci/ and bamboo, touched *Mac cardona’s abs!* winkZ*

2. Experiences I will cherish:
Spending a day in tarlac with the aieta community and playing with the kids there, and realizing that I love my life, even though it’s all twisted and fucked up.
Those overnight stays of friends over at our house, especially the night that almost all of US were complete (Camille!!!! wasn’t there!...) even Cat and Paula- the 2 college students I know, who can’t stay out after 6 pm, stayed over just to make sure that we’ll be able to see Ella take the flight for L.A.
The day Ella left for L.A. (ahh!...the dreaded day for all of us!) miss you girl!
And Being around my childhood friends! And now mah soul sistahs

3. Life lessons I learned:
Take your time… don’t rush… coz it won’t do any good!

4. This belief I outgrew:
Belief in democracy... in today’s time… do we still have it? Does it still prevail and stand for what it insists on? – I mean… in our PI government… whatdyathink?

5. This conviction I lived by:
Dream BIG…coz it will serve as your guide in life

6. These risk I took:
BATTLE SCARS...Giving so called “love” a chance… but got trampled upon by some asswh*le(well, guess am gonna hafta choose the best one(s) next time! wahahaha) but I took pleasure on seeing their stupid faces 1st, and then gave em a chance to take revenge at my expense! Well, that’s how the cycle of stupidity works! the experience was FUN and interesting tho! Teehee

7. These sufferings strengthened me:
Overspending and being broke… and TaPy, owee, chaps and aikey (hey cLdiary!, salamat!) am getting the hang of it!

8. What influenced me most:
My living, talking, opinionated cLdiary! Gracias mi amiga!

9. What I regret:
Just 1 thing…NOT being forthright…

10. The persons who meant so much to me:
EVERYONE… and those who made the year 2004 FUN FUN FUN!

11. My unfulfilled desires:
I want to go bungee jumping, trek the crater of mt. Pinatubo, go to bora with friends ONLY, go to paris (hoy von! Bago matapos ang 1st year ng work ha???!!!), go to spain (ms. paula gonzales, my dearfriend… is your offer still good? *winkZ*) buy an ipod, ibook, digicam (canon ixus),…………………………….list goes on….. WORLD PEACE! - Tschüs! Adios! Año 2004!

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