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Evaluacion de Pelicula


It’s a clear and graphical description of what MCDIET can do to you and your health. For Morgan Spurlock, very heroic thing to do! Well done!

Americans are fat. Two out of three Americans are overweight or obese, but where does personal responsibility end and corporate responsibility take over? On the heels of two teenage girls suing McDonald’s for making them obese, director Morgan Spurlock sets out to discover what has made people in America so fat. The result is “Super Size Me,” a hilarious and often terrifying look at the effects of fast food on the human body.

Spurlock decided to conduct an experiment in which he would subject himself to a diet of nothing but McDonald’s fast food for a month. He only allowed himself to eat what was available over the counter at the restaurant (including water), he couldn’t super size unless asked (he ended up being asked 9 times all told), he had to eat every item on the McDonald’s menu at least once, and he had to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Throughout his descent into the maelstrom of crappy food, he visited doctors and health professionals to track his decline in health.

At the beginning of the experiment, Spurlock clocked in at a svelte 6’ 2” tall and 185 pounds. His cholesterol was a healthy 168, his blood pressure 120/80, and his body fat measured 11%.
A month later, Spurlock’s weight had shot up to 210 pounds, his cholesterol was 230, and body fat had increased to 18%.

Rather than just following Spurlock as he visits new and exciting McDonald’s restaurants, “Super Size Me” shows interviews with medical professionals, advertising executives, and persons on the street in order to get a better idea of why people eat so much fast food, and what their attitudes toward the companies are.

“Super Size Me” presents a scathing indictment of the practices used to lure people, especially children, into eating fast food. McDonald’s sets itself up for exactly the kind of lawsuit it was subjected to simply because of its targeting of children with clowns, “happy meals,” and cartoons.

Spurlock has used a great deal of humor to address an issue that is rapidly becoming unfunny in this country, and he should be commended for it. “Super Size Me” may be an example of one man’s battle with the bulge, but it has much more to say about the alarming rate in which Americans are packing on the pounds.

Credit goes to Mr. Peter V.H.


The message: children and parents alike are punished for their bad behavior

Here are some other thoughts to ponder on…

  • Families…on being so protective, always on your back making comments about what you should and shouldn’t do which makes a lot of us irritated but you know what… They do that because they just want to protect you… coz they love you.
  • Charlie won the factory… and Willy Wonka gained a family…
  • Moral lessons thru the songs the Oompa-Loompa sang
  • 5 different personalities… lesser rotten got picked…who are you among the 5 kids? Charlie is one saintly, well-behaved kid, Augustus Gloop – the fat kid, Veruca Salt – the spoiled brat, Violet Beauregarde – the incessant gum chewer, and Mike Teavee – video game whiz.
  • The attitude of the people inside the store who wanted to make loko Charlie just to get their hands on the ticket… LET’S TRY NOT TO BE LIKE THEM!
  • Dreams do come true… chances are up to you…
  • Once in a lifetime opportunities… it can never be valued by money… people, the “stupid ones” value money more and are willing to pass out once in a life time opportunities…

But… did it ever cross your mind that the story of Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory is like THE life of Michael Jackson?

“Consider the reclusive lifestyle, the fetishes of wardrobe and accessories, the elaborate playground built by an adult for the child inside.” It was as if Roald Dahl was a time traveler who visited the future and grew fascinated by Michael Jackson and decided to write a spoof about him in his time without anyone really knowing the source. The only problem with that idea was that since he was the only one traveling to the future, no one else in the world would get the joke…. (get’s mo?)

In this film, 5 lucky kids get invited to Wonka’s magical Chocolate Factory: two little boys, a fat kid and two annoying girls. Each time a girl asks Wonka a question, he barely gives them a second of attention. The same goes for the fat kid and the television kid. Wonka is only interested in one little boy here: Charlie, the sweet and well-mannered kid without a pot to piss in. This would be the kid to tickle Michael Jackson’s fancy, should any of those molestation allegations be true. (hehe) At the end of the film, he even asks Charlie to live in his factory without bringing his family along. The film justifies this type of action from the character with perfect reasoning but it still brings wonder to the viewer’s imagination.

…hehe… que casualidad!

willy jackson...
No offence ment to Mr. Depp…I like Johnny Depp…it’s Willy Wonka’s character played by him… not HIM per se ok?

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