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My gratitude list for year 2005

As I take the moment to unpack the year that was, I find these precious souvenirs:

1. Things I tasted, looked at, smelled, heard, and touched:
For the first time ever, I ate at the hospital canteen!!! (1st day duty in veterans 12/12/05), la coste pink, bath and body cotton hand wash and cologne, pinoy music appreciation is back in my vocabulary : )

2. Experiences I will cherish:
Spending a day in manila zoo with the ust adopted community kids for UST-UNICEF, and being their ate for a day. The AIESEC XPERIENCE in Subic. The retreat in Caleruega Batangas…and that breathtaking view that made me feel that I was not and never was alone. Night outs with my best friend 3x. Practicum (and it’s still on going…) food service in ihaw1 and albergus…kakapagod sobra! Pero enjoy xa. Hospital practicum…veterans… (I think it’s a sign form God that, I really should take up geriatrics after college) and up next…the community practicum…alaminos, Laguna! (For a month, i’ll be living with my blockmates…pinoy-ust big brother bang version ito?!?)

3. Life lessons I need to learn:
To Take my time… not to rush…and just hush…once in a while

4. This belief I outgrew:
that if you give everything…time, love, affection, care, concern, all that mushy eeeky things… a lady’s man will and can change. But NO… once a babaero…always will be a babaero for life. *ahem* CHALLENGE: to every self confessed, or unaware, or just plainly pasaway babaeros out there: patunayan nyo na mali ako at pwede mabago yan. coz I lost hope na… *ahem* ku…ya …da..de..at kala mo nka ligtas ka… IKAW din noh!*winkZ*

5. This conviction I lived by:
I’ll be who I want to be…and no one can stop me! You can TRY… and that’s all you have…

6. These risk I took:
…still…BATTLE SCARS...Giving so called “love” a chance…still the same… but am happy : )

7. These sufferings strengthened me:
Overspending and being broke… to being sobra kuripot then over splurge… ewan ko…buti na lang wala akong card! Buti na lang

8. What influenced me most:

9. What I regret:
Being impatient… and I should have just felt his heartbeat than looking straight into his eyes that night… he was a liar… a damn good liar. He STILL IS a liar… a very good liar…

10. The persons who meant so much to me:
EVERYONE…from the ones who thought that they made my life a living hell… kala nyo you’ve succeeded? NO… thank you pa coz you’ve even made me STRONGER! All I can say is…what comes around goes around… what comes up must go down… haha… then of course, my family, dade specially, my real friends (you know who you are) and my Lord and my God…

11. My unfulfilled desires:
Before graduation, I must go to Thailand, after graduation, I’ll go to Hong Kong, after reviewing for the board examsq and after passing the board, I’ll go to Korea, Japan, and to Berlin for the love parade. then …still…I want to go bungee jumping, trek the crater of mt. Pinatubo, go to bora with friends ONLY, go to paris (hoy von! Bago matapos ang 1st year ng work ha???!!!), go to spain (ms. paula gonzales, my dearfriend… is your offer still good? *winkZ*)…buy an ipod, WORLD PEACE! - Tschüs! Adios! Año 2005!

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What I've been doing for the past months...


… am starting to like someone… : ) *teehee*

and been over partying…(is there such a thing?) Hehe… it all started with the crazy text from my besy 3xc, she was inviting me to watch cueshe’ (sp?) in metro bar that was Thursday nov. 30. when I got there…saw the poster of hale and sugarfree gig on dec. 1, Friday… I was dieing to go. Hale and sugarfree in one gig???? HALE YAH! SUWEEEET! So I went there with Dave (thankx Dude!!!!!). By Saturday, my tita wanted to go to metro bar… so…3 days straight… plus the make up for my lates in my food service practicum… buti buhay pa ko ngayon!

Then yesterday dec. 9… 3xc, archie (hubby ni 3xc) paolo, cat and me went to bluewave macapagal and cat’s sister followed also. And we partied the night away with southboarder! Jay was really nice! ; ) thank you!... anyways… tom. Dec 12, DOOMS DAY! It’s the start of my practicum in Veterans… huhu…takot tlga ko sa hospital!...huhu…
wish me luck!

NOV. 05

… loosing grip of someone… : (

Practicum months are here…fist stop…ihaw1 At philcoa… at fists, really…to be honest… I HATED the thought of me being in ihaw1. hello??? Ano ang ihaw1?... well, I totally regret for saying that… it’s a lapse in my judgment. For the fist 2 weeks there… I’ve learned how to work the cash register, chop onions endlessly, pack veggies and pork sisig endlessly,… and to simply just knowing how to deal with a handful of different personalities. There are the cute-astig-friendly-to-reklamadors-impatient-bitches customers. Then just simply getting to know 4 good people from my section the other section was even a triumph for me.

Then… for the 3rd week for the food service practicum… my golly!!!! Albergus… a subjugation…I hate how people treat one another there… or maybe it’s just that, I still need more time to understand, investigate even how things work there…again…another lapse in my judgment. But I guess the “system” works for them….25 yrs. Na sila. But don’t get me wrong… I met 2 wonderful persons there that I just adore! Lola Pinay…who travel across Europe with her barkada! WOW! And Lola Bawang…(hehe) 2 legends in Albergus that has witness how the establishment started and grew.

Hospital… coming up!... I hear Veterans is one FEAKY and eerie place…hehe (here we go again…. Haha!)


Met a lot of people from different schools… form the NLDS_AIESEC in subic. We became people who work hard and party HARDER! : )
Wishing I could go to the NATCON this dec.

On being ALL ALONE…

We had to go to school to get all the things needed for our practicum…clearance, recommendation…and other stuff… I went to school alone…left school still alone. Well, in my group…we usually wait around for each other… even if one is always late… *ahem* waiting and being there for each other comes naturalLY in the group. But this particular day… everyone was so busy going around, panicking, being hot headed all of a sudden *ahem* then being and feeling alone and left out *ahem* well, suddenly this creepy feeling just ate all my confidence out…and I (of all people) gone wild and started to feel this way…ALONE. Felt that, our group no longer feels the same way towards each other…that nagkalimutan na at nagkaiwanan na… yes they were busy with their own stuff... not just stuff…but with their future....practicum yun noh… I felt that there was no waiting anymore… no backing up for each other anymore… that my expectations for my friends was not met. That they left me hanging… even in the ride going to my aunt’s place… I rode in the middle then we were nearing SM manila and the passenger on my left side got off… so as the passenger on my other side… so I was the only one who was still in the middle. I was stuck in the middle (literally tho in a different meaning)… then it hit me… I was stuck in the old days where my life became so routinized sa mga nakaugalian na. na kung saan comportable ako. Then I realized… (finally) I was being selfish… being immature…being palaasa… plainly being stuck in the past, and won’t let in new experiences, experiences good or bad that will mold me as a person. Now, I find solace being alone. I find happiness and satisfaction when I accomplish things all by myself. The formula is: to just balance it. ALONE = with OTHERS. After all… no man is an island. I maybe alone now but never will be alone… my friends will always be there for me. Their thoughts, encouragements, cheers and all the memories from the past and still to come…they’re there for me, like I am there for them. WE CHANGE A LOT BUT STILL THE SAME…I KNOW WE ARE COOL

OCT 05 :


We finally finished our thesis…our work of love and labor! thank GOD! We presented it before our dear prof. Fe. San (the mother at diyosa ng nutrisyon!) and our panelist.. our blockmates. : ) WE DID GREAT! I can say that we totally experienced how to make a real thesis! A very good one, might I add. Again… In this journey, we met loads of people who were so kind enough to help, guide, mag asikaso, at manlibre sa amin ; ) people who will forever change our lives! THANKX GUYS!


My golly… remembering how our finals just passed us by…well ok …passed me by…oh how time flies.... and that one particular test that I TOTALLY HATED!... the one that was right before nutdis…the prof. moved the schedule to an earlier time pa! how insensitive can she get! Well am glad that over.

JULY - SEP. 05

Still working on our thesis and feasibility study.

Wedding of my best friend TRIXIE…. Hands up…. They wanted to go on with it… hope it really last forever… : ) I wish them all the very best! I can see naman that they REALLY wanted to be together…and no one will stop them from being MR. and MRS. MOLINOS. Kudos To the newly weds! : )


The study team went for the 3rd time to Baguio. AGAIN??? you say… yeah we did! Hell yah! Now Baguio is just like an extension of our school…home…
Shoy and me will forever remember that one nakakainis at nakakabwisit an bus company! Don’t get me started how we were able to manage to go to Baguio. Well, thankfully, by the time we crossed the boundaries of the town before Baguio proper, we were able to sit our selves properly…then boom! in five mins time… we were in Baguio already… then again…how time flies!
Spending a time with shoy in that bus, in that embarrassing moment was really something! Now… I can say that…WE ARE CERTAINLY CERTIFIED TRAVELERS! No obstacle can stop us from reaching our destination! Kudos to my partner in crime…SHOY! : )

We tried our best to get every detail, information, and kung anu-ano pa for the completion of our thesis… we worked our asses off… but still we enjoyed our “work-post vacation break” : )

MAY 05


We were allowed by Lieutenant Bonifacio Agas to conduct our expose’… I mean… our thesis… our title…


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