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mga bakit?

pauwi ako... naisip ko ang mga to:

bakit kailangang mag PDA ang mga mag jowa! hello?! ok lang sana kung smack or peck eh... wag nmn sana french kiss sa gitna ng kalsada! *kakakita ko lang to kanina sa glorietta 5*

bakit kailangang maging isang KABIT?... bakit hindi nalang tanggapin na pag may bf/gf or wifey or hubby ang isang tao... dapat iwasan na o wag na ipag pilitan ang sarili! diba dapat pag attached na ang isang tao, dapat loyal ka na doon sa ka relasyon mo? at kung ang lumalapit nga sayo yung attached na... dapat diba iwasan na to?

bakit pa perong it's complicated na relationship status... ano ba ito?... hindi ko kasi gets

bakit may pride? bakit pinapairal ang pride?... ano ba purpose nito? para sa akin... pinapagulo lang nito ang isipan ng isang tao o ng mga tao!

bakit ang mga tao specially boys... mahilig sa computer games? buong araw nakaharap sa pc... hindi ba sila nahihilo?

bakit ang mga girls... mahilig mag reduce ng diet... kahit hindi naman mataba?... bakit lagi tingin nila sa sarili mataba sila?... eh hindi nmn... *wala akong pag asa dito... dahil hindi ako mataba... payat ako at ng papataba*

bakit ang mga pulitika kelangang gumastos sa mga tv ads... and all that... bakit hindi nalang nila gamitin yung pondo nila para tumulong sa nakakarami? diba mas maganda yung endorsement by word of mouth?

bakit nakaka addict ang mga social networks?... self promotion at self gratification lang to mostly diba?... * oo alam ko over na nga ako sa pagpromote ng sarili ko eh... pero natutuwa kasi ako*
pero nakaka addict talaga diba?

... tomorrow na lang ulit... pagod na ako. :))

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How to renew PRC license

I finally renewed my Professional Regulations Commissions (PRC) License last week. And of course, experienced few glitches here and there... but hey, at least I've learned how to renew the I.D. Though I think it's better to be prepared with all the things that you'll need... So here's a guideline for those who'll be needing to undergo such process...

Here's to a hassle free PRC renewal process in Moraita, Manila.

Things to bring:

  1. Photocopy of the PRC license

  2. paste

  3. black pen

  4. money for renewal 450 php

  5. money for picture 80 php

  6. money for LBC payment

You can go for the EXPRESS renewal.. or the regular renewal (20 – 25 business days) where of course, you'll be the one to do all the process. Before you imagine looooooooooong lines, looooooooong hours of waiting, hot headed people, and hot crowed places... STOP... because, I opt to choose to renew it my self, and I'm ALIVE. *teehee*

Suggested Steps to follow:

  1. In the information booth, located near the entrance of PRC. Tell your profession to the man on duty. Then he'll give you a form looking like the one below for REGULAR renewal.

  1. Fill up the form. Make sure you don't miss out any other important information.

  1. Get your pictures taken with your full name (Surname, First Name and Middle Initial) on the bottom part of the passport size I.D. Picture. You can choose to have the picture taken ahead of time, before going to PRC or you can also opt to have it taken at the MANY photo shops near the area of PRC building. Your 3rd option would be, inside PRC. They have a picture booth there and for 80 php, 4 copies, it'll be ready in 2 minutes. that's how fast AND convenient it is. (I chose the latter)

  1. As seen at the above form, depending on your Profession, you'd proceed to either Window 16, 18, or 30.

  2. For profession starting with N, you'd proceed to window 16. make sure you have the filled up form with picture, another photo, and a photocopy of the PRC license.

  3. Once you've reached the window counter, present the filled up form with picture, another photo, and a photocopy of the PRC license. And the person would be writing down something then they'd ask you to pay at the cashier.

  4. Pay the needed amount and get the official receipt.

  5. After paying, go back to the window where you presented all the form. Once at the window counter, present the form with the official receipt. The person on duty will verify it then will give you your claim stub. make sure you keep the claim stub. It's where you'd find when you'll go back to claim your I.D.

  6. Once you have the claim stub you can opt to choose to pay additional 50 php (with in Metro Manila Addresses) or 70 php (Provincial Addresses) for LBC to send you your PRC I.D. Right at your home. If you chose to have it delivered by LBC,

  7. Go to the booth of LBC near the picture booth. Fill out a form/ authorization form and have your claim stub ready. Make sure you fill out the “person to look for” if you won't be able to receive the package, personally.

  8. Pay the allotted amount.

  9. Make sure you get your receipt. Because that's where you can call the LBC customer service IF there would be some problems.

After step 12... you can now go home... wait for it. :)

There's your HASSLE FREE PRC licensing process :)

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