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H's gratitude list for 2009

before the year ends... I take this time to unravel the things that has happened to me on the year that was 2009.

as i take the moment to unpack the year that was, i find these precious souvenirs:
1. Things i tasted, looked at, smelled, heard and touched:

  • Manang Felilia's sopas, pansit, instant pansit canton, home made burgers and sandwiches.
  • Mikey's Delicatessen October feast platter... nakaka high blood
  • Sala Bistro's YUMMY puddings, fudge brownies, and wallnut pudding
  • People's Place ... THAI food!!!
  • ROYCE kurumaru milk chocolate, banana nama chocolate block, and milk chocolate chips
  • Cyma ... rocca salata just rocked my 'effing existence! OPA!
  • Smelled game davidoff for men *my gift for BB's birthday
  • smelled, and felt the leather of a Louis Vuitton bag... :))
  • songs: party in the USA, bad romance, crawl, lady gaga's songs

2. Experiences that strengthened me:
  • Fights with B...AGAIN... over and over nmn... haha :)
  • government biddings!... PAGASA bidding... and ALL government project biddings.. hinding HINDI ko ito makakalimutan...
  • fighting temptations...
  • having to work for 3 full months on weekdays and weekends! haha.. time management! *apir*

3. Life lessons that I've learned:

  • being a follower is not bad...
  • being a leader will take time... and once you're on top... learn to put your foot in the shoes of those who will be under your lead :)
  • choose who your REAL friends are... wag yung kaibigan because kainuman... tried and tested na hanggang kasiyahan lang sila.
  • pwedeng maging plastik... sa mga taong hindi mo maiiwasang plastikin... but as much as possible, NOT all the time. haha
  • kissing ass will get you somewhere... at least once you're down the long line UP... :) - mo twister philosophy. (haha)
  • FAMILY love... FAMILY time IS very important.

4. life Lessons that i need to learn:

  • STILL... patience!
  • STILL...trust
  • learn to say NO! :) and say YES to opportunities!

5. This belief i outgrew:

  • like what i typed earlier... i thought i'm the type of person na open book... na hindi kayang mgaging plastic... well... now... dahil sa "sales" there's what i call... being plastic to have pakikisama, and avoid disputes... as long as it is for the betterment of a relationship. kung ayaw mag patalo ng kausap mo... di let it go... save your self from the stress... :))

6. This conviction I lived by:

  • WORK HARD... REST HARDer... health is super your way to wealth.... so everyone SHOULD stay healthy! *like last year* super HEALTH IS wealth!

7. These risk I took:

  • well basically this year was risk free... so there were no major risks i took. :)

8. Unforgettable experiences

  • ABS-CBN hang out...
  • Sagip kapamilya Ondoy victims at Bulacan.
  • riding on the back of a 4x4 F150... NLEX...San Beda Mountaineering boys... NLEX police escort *mga kalokohan namin ni cervantes*
  • staying at a company as long as 1 year and 1 month... till now... love my SUN Microsystems Philippines family!... *soon to be Oracle*
  • lunch outs haha :))
  • isa sa mga pambato ng SSD sa mga games and kalokohan *kumapal na ang mukha ko* lol
  • badminton with the pre sales group! then eat galore after! haha bali wala ang exercise!
  • met and took a picture with my fave top fashion designer in the Philippines... Mr. Rajo Laurel! *woot woot*
  • me and bb's kawaii photo op at time zone. *kunwari ayaw pa ni bb... pose nmn ng pose* lol
  • Working at sun micro... great people!!!
  • having Anchor Nutrition Clinic every Saturday and Sunday
  • spending time with my families... :)
  • ella's trip to pinas after 5 years
  • My Irene Mae's week long visit back to pinas
  • having POMPOM

9. Who influenced me most:

  • my DADE... ofcourse!
  • my boss Ms. Sheryl
  • my office mates mi i, lodz, ainz, caryl, and ate jing

10. what i regret:

  • hindi ng ipon.... *ulit... may pag babago ba? gaaaaaah!

11. The persons/living thing who meant so much to me:

  • my family... dade, and mama's side
  • bb and his family
  • pompom

12. Napatunayan ko na....

  • tamang mag tira ng pagmamahal sa sarili... wag lagi 100% na love para sa iba...
  • na ang trabaho... dapat minamahal...

13. My unfulfilled desires:

  • still go to places.... travel...shop travel shop... *hindi na ito nabago 2 years ago na ito ah* haha
  • specific target goal for 2009:
  • watch RENT musical with vonney on feb :)
  • go to camsur... anniversary gift on feb 14 (goodluck)
  • to dos: i've opened an account... make sure hindi na ako mag wwithdraw... DEPOSIT lang dapat ang gagawin ko!... then hindi na talaga ako tatamadin mag text kasi calling made my bill summit to its highest cost ever! 4K
  • save at least 2k per cut off... => sana matupad na ito!

2 more days to NEW year LET's DO IT PEOPLE! let's do... let's make do... let's live to the fullest ... and let's and let's!

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