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2 days before HELL WEEK

Hell week is coming (prelims) I remembered Tapy was the one who coined it THE HELL WEEK. He used to say that whenever I was reviewing while talking on the phone with him. Usually he would tease me and just say “mag tiwala ka sa kandilang naka tirik”… hay…that coquetear-ation died a natural death. hehe..(if you do wish hard to forget... you'll eventually WILL forget. specially with the help from reliable friends...and shoulders to cry on...you'll forget an asswh*le) am NOT BITTER...that's so last year! am just telling the truth that he was a royal asswh*le.

Anyway… hell week is fast approaching. I usually study in starbucks but this time, I was on a mission to find a better (will there be any coffee place better than starbuks?...friends, if you find one…tell me ok), more convenient and cheap place for me to study… (you’re thinking, why not the library or better yet, at home?) Well, our house is near or should I say, an open target shooting range (which the GOVERNMENT SHOULD CLOSE its OPERATION due to the fact that it IS a NUISANCE for our neighborhood and hello??? Isn’t it obvious… It’s located in a residential area. NOT an ideal place) is located at the back of our house. And the library in school is… let me just say…is not conducive for studying. (more of for sleeping)

Well, today Vonne (ei you!) and I finally checked out FUDGE. A localized starbucks near UST situated along españa. Well, the place has a convenient location for students of the university belt. The choices of foods are a bit limited, only serving some known coffee mixes, pastas, and dulces. I would say, I had a high expectation for the place, but it didn’t match up with what I expected. Or so I thought… I’d give 2 1/2 cups (5 being the highest) for their selection of coffee mixes. It costs extremely low. Just fit for the budget of students. Von not a fan of coffee, liked the frap coz it only had a hint of coffee in it. But I didn’t (any coffee addict won’t either) … the jasmine tea that I ordered was quite good tho. Jasmine herb is known to calm the sense which is good for “ngarag” students. We’d give 4 spoons for their pasta selection (which they only serve tuna carbonara and the chili version of it) both were delish! Even the pasta alone can be eaten. Plus a rich serving of the tuna/milky sauce equals a scrumptious meal worth the students’ money. Though the ambiance was a bit too inviting for sleeping…it is fine for meeting place and the mezzanine… just fit for lovers (dark and all...*winkZ*) ; ) well, being along the university belt, just expect different kinds of people.
Though I didn’t successfully found an alternative place for studying, I found another place for hanging out... (It has a potential…just place aircon and few tables outside for smokers to stay) All in all, location, food, and drinks wise… it’s not that bad at all…

Random thoughts…

If you had to choose…What would you prefer?

A lover who loves you more than his life which you don’t feel anything for him/her… Or
Someone whom you love more than your life which he/she don’t feel anything for you…

I’d choose the latter… I don’t know why… but I’d choose it. Anyway… FOR NOW.

when i do get a chance to review, or decided that i'll do good in school..there's always an interruption in school...like may events and all, no classes, programs... then yung drive or momentum ko gets lost again... why is it that way? it's ironic..

Things am looking forward to after the HELL WEEK

  • watch movies…
  1. Charlie and the chocolate factory. (with my lil bro and sis)
  2. Kill bill 1 and 2 (because of that season ender of CSI directed by Quetin Tarantino)
  3. CSI season ender (yes…i’ve been living under a rock. I blame it on our cable company!) least we still have wowow. Watch CSI every tues channel 90, 8 pm (thank you james!)
  4. Roman Holiday
  5. Casablanca (have to remind shoy for the vcd)

  • go shopping (Trixie… my besy…better get ready chica!)

  • G.A. for nutrition students (pink sistah effect)

  • Edukasiyahan… HALE and MYMP… hell yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! Champ-ion!

  • Parokya ni Edgar gig at myrics, españa (Aug. 22)

  • HALE gig at Virgin Café tomas morato (Aug. 28) which reminds me… I have 2 reserve tickets for that gig. Look for music students to reserve tickets (Izvet…my friend)

  • Read Nick Joaquin’s Cave and shadows (ok…not really but…could be. Well, it’s my book report for our phil. Lit course…hehe)

  • Finish reading twisted 7 (buy the twisted series…very motivating, and just a thrill to read what’s going on in mind of a Jessica Zafra)
well,... after next week... i'll par-tay! : )

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