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Back from Baguio!

just got back from a wonderful and most exciting trip in baguio!

I had the chance to get to know more of my "study team" and 2 blockmates. We had so much fun especially our night out…tho it WAS a kinda disastrous night… time spent with those chicas was all worth it!... just wish we'd be able to do our thesis there! (Hey P.M.A.ers…specially *ahem*… Lt. Agas, sir *winkZ*… pls.pls. with cherry on top (duh!) approve our thesis proposal!)

well.. here's some pix of the study team and co. in baguio...

we love pma this much...

outside our place... (L-R kat-k,karen,shane,nona,and moi)...great chicas! i'm lucky i had the chance to get to know 'em all...specially karen and nona. : ) thank you guys!

like were in Disney land!...Baguio cathedral as our background.

teleserye melodramatic picture…featuring the teenage drama queens in mines view park

flower gurlz at good shepherd.buying some grubs for our families...

Homebound…sirain po ba ang car ng bro ni nona?...not quite : )

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