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Caleruega...my sanctuary

I Just got back form our incredibly enlightening retreat from Caleruaga, Batangas. You should see the place… it’s where you can definitely reflect about your situation in life or just anything. You can just really feel the love of God through his creation… Caleruega IS breathtaking. It’s so amazing how it feels to be near Him… through nature.
The feeling of seeing the wonders of Gods creation made me feel so lucky to be alive…

After confession on the last day of the retreat, I wanted to break free from the anger that I’ve been keeping for quite sometime now… I wanted to run away... wanted to shout my head off from the pain that has been eating me up inside…to hell with everybody, that’s what I thought. I didn’t care. For that moment, I just stopped caring about what people thought of me… I did what I wanted to do….I scampered away…

I found myself sitting on a bench near the hidden chapel away from our group. I cried… cried like a baby… I felt like exploding…
I thought I was all alone...
But the funny thing was, some guy from the staff followed and came to check on me. He asked if I was alright. (and I was touched) somehow, the feeling of loneliness was alleviated … I felt that in some way, I was important… somebody did care.in the mean time, while I was gone, my friends, was also looking for me… which of course, made me happy. After knowing that!... Pinataba nila ang puso ko.
Back to the hidden chapel, I wiped away my tears… contemplated on what just happened… and saw the view from where I was sitting. Then I hit me…it’s like God spoke to me thru his creation. I’ve realized how lucky I am to be there, to see that magnificent view. Upon seeing that…I felt calmness, serenity, solitude, and peace… and as the wind blew, I knew it was God keeping me company, telling me that I WAS NEVER and WILL NOT BE ALONE. For the first time in years…I felt fortunate to be alive. Days, months, or even years from now, whenever the time comes that I’d feel down…I’ll just remember that feeling of calmness, serenity, solitude and peace that spectacular view which symbolized the love of God…and I’d feel fine.


see the beauty of Gods creation...hehe

Nutrition sections as ONE

a place where you could see the love of God...with the good company of amazingly wonderful friends...MY FRIENDS...MY ANGELS…

N2 survivors... batch 2006 ready to take on the challenges life will bring… ready to spread their wings and fly...like a beautiful

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