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what would you do?

my brother once asked me...”what would you do if you didn't have a clue on to what the answer in a multiple test question?” knowing myself... i was always playing safe... so i said, i'd leave it blank...then he told me that it wasn't a trick question, that he wan't trying to ploy me... so, he asked me again...well... i said that i'd probably WILL leave it blank...then he started sharing his thought about it and asked about some things about how i live my life... and i got into sharing things that have happened with my life so far...he said that it’s ganon talaga, sugod ng sugod...what's the worst that can happen? you fail? well shit, try and try again then i told him how i tried things out... only to hurt myself in the end because i know i failed... not only my own self but also the people around me, which he countered with telling me the I didn’t fail…I TRIED things, figured out it wasn't for me. that's life. ganyan lang talga, you gotta keep gettin up, keep trying. if one doesn't work, at least you're young enough to bounce back and keep trying. you know what? you won't know that unless you keep trying.all that i could say was..guess... no harm naman least you tried.. which my brother agreed then explained what possible things that could happen if i leave it blank..
· if you don't put an answer, you're 100% wrong ...

· if you guess, at least you have a 20% of getting it right.

Explanation why I wanted to leave it blank…
· i said leave it blank, coz i was so afraid of getting it wrong....but what I don’t realize is, by leaving it blank, I’m just guaranteeing that I’m wrong.

So the thing to do is… you gotta keep trying, kung mali, or if you fail, then at least you know it's not for you...it will help you make better choices next time. And better ask God’s guidance. He’ll never leave you hanging…

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