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Spirit of Bayanihan and alot more

Goal: To participate in relief operations for Sagip Kapamily in Meikawayan Bulacan for typhoon Ondoy Victims

Date: Sept. 29, Tuesday.

Meeting place: Mo. Ignasia Gate... ABS-CBN Studio Tour Office

Time: 7:30 pm
ETD: 10:30 pm
ETA in Meikawayan, Bulacan: 11:30 pm - 12:00 mid night

TL: Cherry and Avel

Gov. Mendoza provided the 10 wheeler truck.

Had the privileged to serve and take part in one of MANY sagip kapamilya relief operations. I was suppose to start last September 28, Monday... but due to crappy communication lines... was not able to join the first batch.

Got to Mo Ignacia gate around 7:30 ish... got inside the loop and prepared for this important night. Tied up my hair in ballet buns... and secures my bangs with a black headband... for less worries and hassle free movements while giving out the relief goods to the victim of typhoon Ondoy.

8:00 pm Met up with Ethyl, my friend way back in college... from our thesis making in Baguio, PMA.

8:00 pm to 9:30 pm hanged out inside the studio tour office... YES... HANGED OUT! unfortunately, our friends from ABS told us that the relief volunteers were restricted due to some concerns regarding security of their artists and security of the volunteers themselves... and not only that, since we will be the one's who will distribute the goods to the relief center in Bulacan, it is much better to save some energy.

10:00 pm... assembly of volunteers behind the mother Ignacia gate., but inside ABS-CBN...
This is one of th highlights that I truly liked about the Sagip Kapamilya... we created a human chain... carried what goods to be carried over till the 10 wheeler truck got full...

Ready Packages in sacks to be stacked up to the 10 wheeler truck bound to Bulacan.

Goods to be packed... this is the area where the celebrities do their repacking. YES... for their safety and whatever...

all the bread pan that we girls carried to the 10 wheeler truck...

10:30 pm... left Mo. Ignaia Compound and went to the volunteer center behind I have 2 eggs restaurant... again... created a human chain to carry over cartons to give people in evacuation centers as their mat for sleeping I had so much fun loading goodies and other materials inside the truck that I didn't even realize these would make me end up sore all over the next day...

11:30 pm... waiting... waiting... and waiting for go signal...

12:00 midnight we left quezon Ave...in convoy, Riding at the back of an F150 pick up... *YES AT THE BACK! among the 10 San beda mountaineering Org guys and a girl* (of course this is my friend, Ethyl) ... with a 10 wheeler truck, an elf with guys from other mountaineering clubs.

THIS IS THE PART THAT I also enjoyed too much! FIRST time to ride, travel out of town, and volunteer for Sagip Kapamilya in an open 4X4... WHOOHOO!!!

some bumps here and there, like of course THE obvious... NO back riders in an open elf and Pick up is allowed in North Express Way... *toinks* so we had to wait for about 30 mins or so for our Skyway Patrol escort...

1:15 am... FINALLY reached our destination... but to our dismay... the barangay Captain did not personally welcome us, the kagawad who were suppose to wait for us did not notice our arrival. *oh well... who wouldn't notice a TEN WHEELER TRUCK that has Bulacans Governor's face all over... right?* the reason behind it was, they were drinking right in front of their municipal.

1:30 am... the guys unloaded the relief goods inside the 10 wheeler truck because the truck can't actually fit inside the streets going to their barangay hall... and upon knowing that our TL agreed that the barangay will be the one to distribute the relief goods the following day. WTF! I personally wanted to make sure that the relief goods would wind up in the houses or the people who needed them most... that's plainly one of the reasons why I volunteered to give my time and body for human labor, so I could some what make sure this happens... BUT what can we do?.. the Barangay captain ordered the Kagawads to tell us that we should not wake the neighborhood anymore... because it's already late and that, they were tired... ok ok... the Captain had a point... BUT... for me... it's not a good enough reason.

2:oo am we have reached their barangay hall... and the place where there was flood up to chest high BEFORE... when we got there, it barely reached my knees... and i'm only 4'11''....
(ok... ng evaporate na or na wala na yung tubig baha when we got there)... but even so... we should have prioritized those areas who are in GREATER need of help...

stupid me... forgot to bring slippers... or boots or what have you... i stepped on an open man hole... good thing I was holding on to something... or else... bye bye honey.

the helpful guys from San Beda Mountaineering Club

Stacking up the barangay hall

seeing this... I personally got disappointed, and felt that I wasted my time... If i wanted to help out... I should have just gone around UST campus where there was actual flood... *I kept quiet* and kept these nagging thoughts to myself... I thought I was the only one who was feeling this way... my friend Ethyl questioned the kagawads... but to our dismay... they said they were just following orders. together with the rep. from abs, we took a look of the barangay hall... gawd! asenso! may aircon! haha.... *just really really hope this will be reported back to persons concerned*

ANYWAY... beiang with people who almost have the same goal as mine (btw that's helping out Typhoon Ondoy victims)... I felt good... at least good enough in spite what had happened...

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