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Reasons Why I think I was raised well enough by my dade:

Dad taught me how to shoot. From Air Gun, to a riffle, and pistol. It was in the family to be passionate about guns... (=

Dad taught me nasty stuffs that ladies like me have, or could not imagine doing. Like:

a. kill a bird and or rats by shooing it.

b. strangling mouses on the sticky mouse trap

Dad taught me the basics when inside the bathroom

a. clean behind the ears

b. scrub the body with towel

c. use bath comb when shampooing and rinsing hair

d. recycle bath water to use for flushing

e. wash undies after taking a bath

f. how to propertly wash hands. The o.r. Doctor way

g. to ALWAYS squeeze the toothpaste tube by the rear end.

h. ALWAYS think of the next person who'll use the bathroom... replace water in the timba or drum.

Dad taught me the importance of having good and complete set of teeth. (At my dad's age of 62, he still have comple set of teeth.)

Dad taught me that no matter how computerize or hi – tech the world can get... reading the book IS still the best way to go.

Dad taught me that effective communication thru proper questioning and note taking, while on email,personal or thru telephone call, is still the best. SMS are just there to complement communication not to REPLACE it. Having and sending SMS is not a reaon to slack off on communication.

Dad taught me to know my limit, accept my limitations and take measured steps at all times. (tho I often times forget this)

Dad taught me that Jesus Christ is my savior.

Dad taught me to present my self well, at all times.

Dad taught me that being BLIND or having disabilities CAN BE an advantage. (my dad is blind, but it never became an issue to him or anyone who knew him)

Dad taught me to overcome fear... tho I haven't overcome the fear of sleeping without any lights on. This is ONLY in my room in our old house. HAHA

Dad taught me to learn how to bend like the bamboos when the wind calls for it.

Dad taught me to persevere and excel in the things that I get my self into.

Dad taught me to continue to strive for the very best in everything.

Dad taught me to not want things that aren't within our means. Dad taught me to live frugally.

Dad taught me to be trust worthy.

Dad taught me to value and always have palabra de honor

Dad taught me to be analytical... tho at times I often find myself to be a katipunera... Sugod ng sugod.

Dad taught me not to be a burden to any body else. Learn to pick your own self, learn to help others pick themselves.

Dad taught me important legal actions like:

a. Never speak unless your lawyer is with you

b. venta con facto

c. pre-nuptial agreement

d. Never sign anything that concerns with the Pulis, Army, Work, or anything. This leads to;

e. When in doubt ALWAYS consult a lawyer

Dad taught me to pick my fights. And Dad taught me to start a fire when you have a VALID reason

Dad taught me to understand and adapt to whatever situation that I am in.

and the most important thing that Dad taught me... was Dad taught me to be myself. Being a bastard does not define who you are or who you'll be.

There are sooo many things that taught me... it's just sad that I forget the wisdom dad has shared with me sometimes, but

I love my dad. I am lucky to be his daughter.

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honey Ü said...

from time to time.. i remember some of the things dade taught me... this is one of those times:

1. i learned to fold plastic bags and reuse them. RECYCLE RECYCLE RECYCLE

2. buy useful but inexpensive things in bulk. you might never know when you'd need them... i remember he bought 3 stainless steel tanks at best tank.. in small medium and large sizes...reason being: it was on SALE! i was wondering where in the world would we use those tanks that he bought... then voila el nino came,and water tank prices sky rocketed... GOOD THINKING DADE! (=