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Spirit of the Stairway

I have yet again experienced that "spirit of the Stairway" french phrase... In French: esprit d’Escalier...you know the thing that happens to you when ...that moment when you find the answer but it’s too late. This happened to me over the weekend. and one of the reasons why I so freaking got angry!

So you’re at a party and someone insults you. You have to say something. So, under pressure, with everybody watching, you say something lame. But the moment you leave the party…As you start down the stairway, then - magic. You come up with the perfect thing you should’ve said. The perfect crippling put down. That’s the Spirit of the Stairway. The trouble is, even the French don’t have a phrase for the stupid things you actually do say under pressure. Those stupid, desperate things you actually think or do.”

It's like i always mentally pass out when i get into a fight. i can't find the right words to express how i truly feel... i just blurt out whatever stupid thing that crossed my freaking brain... it's like i always get into fights, but i never learned how to win it...

seriously, it is becoming stupidly boring to always get into fights with the wrong subject, wrong place and time, and always loose it. i wanna learn how to fight ice with ice, fire with fire... not the other way around.

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