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Don't be a Hero, Hero's DIE...

i have heard this phrase from my boss during Sun-Phil's team building. To be honest, it was the first time I have heard of it. (= that is why it has struck me so immensely.

in his speech he reiterated to us that, in the challenges that life brings you, you won't be able to win them all... you just have to accept the fact that, as humans you have limitations... BUT you always have your forte in some things... take note of SOME... NOT all things (=

may it be work... love, or life in general... we have our limitations, so always remember, DON'T BE A HERO...

Well, This pertains to why I got so angry and hated so much over the weekend... I DID everything in my power to help out... BUT my efforts were just unappreciated. Thanks to B... but now all is well... I hope so...

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