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Since i'm NO WIFE or a mother... *tho I plan to be 10 years from now* I revised the prayer of a wife to suit my current title as a girlfriend/ partner :) and now would like to share this. I saw this prayer booklet in Carmelite Monastery in San Fernando, La Union during our "retreat"

Dear Lord,

Grant me the grace to be more patient:
when my boyfriend is misbehaving,
when the budget is short
and all bills are always rising.

When my boyfriend is busy
and he tends to forget our anniversary

When laundries are piled up
and I have no time for myself

When household chores tend
to be routinary and I feel I am a robot.

I don't ask you lord, that I may be appreciated.
I don;t work that I may be praised;
nor do I complain or seek comfort.

What I ask of you is to grant me
the grace to be more persevering.

Because I will do these things again
just to give the best.

Let all these household duties be
the expressions of my all encompassing
concern for them.

Let everything I do be a sign of my devotion
to all entrusted to my care.

Let everyday schedules not quench my
desire to serve my loved one.

Grant me the grace Lord, to be more
patient that I may continue to be a
faithful, ever loving, committed and
caring girlfriend.

May I continue to express my love
through my works, as food is cooked.
And table is set, clothes are washed
and ready to wear, and house is clean.

Grant me the grace to control my temper.
I must always be there to listen to his
stories, accompany my boyfriend
in his problems
to provide for his needs and ease
his pains.

Grant me the grace that I may be
a forever loving person,
forever a faithful girlfriend
a true friend and a loyal companion
to my boyfriend,
whom I cherish and love,
and whom I consider your precious gift.


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