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My gratitude list for year 2005

As I take the moment to unpack the year that was, I find these precious souvenirs:

1. Things I tasted, looked at, smelled, heard, and touched:
For the first time ever, I ate at the hospital canteen!!! (1st day duty in veterans 12/12/05), la coste pink, bath and body cotton hand wash and cologne, pinoy music appreciation is back in my vocabulary : )

2. Experiences I will cherish:
Spending a day in manila zoo with the ust adopted community kids for UST-UNICEF, and being their ate for a day. The AIESEC XPERIENCE in Subic. The retreat in Caleruega Batangas…and that breathtaking view that made me feel that I was not and never was alone. Night outs with my best friend 3x. Practicum (and it’s still on going…) food service in ihaw1 and albergus…kakapagod sobra! Pero enjoy xa. Hospital practicum…veterans… (I think it’s a sign form God that, I really should take up geriatrics after college) and up next…the community practicum…alaminos, Laguna! (For a month, i’ll be living with my blockmates…pinoy-ust big brother bang version ito?!?)

3. Life lessons I need to learn:
To Take my time… not to rush…and just hush…once in a while

4. This belief I outgrew:
that if you give everything…time, love, affection, care, concern, all that mushy eeeky things… a lady’s man will and can change. But NO… once a babaero…always will be a babaero for life. *ahem* CHALLENGE: to every self confessed, or unaware, or just plainly pasaway babaeros out there: patunayan nyo na mali ako at pwede mabago yan. coz I lost hope na… *ahem* ku…ya …da..de..at kala mo nka ligtas ka… IKAW din noh!*winkZ*

5. This conviction I lived by:
I’ll be who I want to be…and no one can stop me! You can TRY… and that’s all you have…

6. These risk I took:
…still…BATTLE SCARS...Giving so called “love” a chance…still the same… but am happy : )

7. These sufferings strengthened me:
Overspending and being broke… to being sobra kuripot then over splurge… ewan ko…buti na lang wala akong card! Buti na lang

8. What influenced me most:

9. What I regret:
Being impatient… and I should have just felt his heartbeat than looking straight into his eyes that night… he was a liar… a damn good liar. He STILL IS a liar… a very good liar…

10. The persons who meant so much to me:
EVERYONE…from the ones who thought that they made my life a living hell… kala nyo you’ve succeeded? NO… thank you pa coz you’ve even made me STRONGER! All I can say is…what comes around goes around… what comes up must go down… haha… then of course, my family, dade specially, my real friends (you know who you are) and my Lord and my God…

11. My unfulfilled desires:
Before graduation, I must go to Thailand, after graduation, I’ll go to Hong Kong, after reviewing for the board examsq and after passing the board, I’ll go to Korea, Japan, and to Berlin for the love parade. then …still…I want to go bungee jumping, trek the crater of mt. Pinatubo, go to bora with friends ONLY, go to paris (hoy von! Bago matapos ang 1st year ng work ha???!!!), go to spain (ms. paula gonzales, my dearfriend… is your offer still good? *winkZ*)…buy an ipod, WORLD PEACE! - Tschüs! Adios! Año 2005!

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